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Equality, Diversity and Inclusion

We believe in order to give the best advice to clients, we need not only to employ and work with the best lawyers and business professionals, but actively seek out as diverse a pool of individuals as possible.

As an organisation we aim to create an environment where the diverse experiences, perspectives and backgrounds of our people are valued and utilised. We foster an inclusive and supportive culture where our interactions with each other, and with our clients, are founded on mutual respect.

We have long been focussed on achieving greater equality at every level in our business, but there is more for us to do. By critically assessing the initiatives we have in place, never being satisfied when the pace of change is too slow and holding ourselves accountable every day we can and will make change happen.

Inspiring Women

We’re committed to creating and maintaining a workplace that is diverse and inclusive in order to attract and retain quality employees.

Think, Act, Report

As a firm which is committed to national initiative provides a simple step-by-step framework to help companies consider gender equality, take action to promote opportunities in their workplaces, and report on what they are doing.

We pledge to:

Think: identify any issues around gender equality

Act: take action to fix those issues

Report: on how we ensure gender equality

Learn more about Think, Act, Report.